Children in upper level of a cedar swing set talking. Close up of a playset monkey bars. Two play sets connected with a bridge. Cedar swing set with crawl tube and slide. play system with crow's nest tower.. Girl playing on a triumph Play System. Two Cedar Swing sets connected with a arched bridge.

Swing Sets made with 100% Natural White Cedar

At Triumph Play Systems, we offer only premium northern white cedar swing sets, constructed from the most durable natural wood used in the industry. You can rest assured that with a Triumph Play System your children will have the most durable and safe wooden playset you can buy. Northern White Cedar is naturally weather resistant, self preserving and naturally resistant to rot and termites. Triumph Play Systemsí are free of chemicals, preservatives, stains, water sealers and paint. Unlike other wooden play sets that have paint that peels and stain that requires reapplying every year, Triumph play sets require no annual maintenance. Also, Northern White Cedar does not splinter, so there is no sanding required, making it an ideal choice for your backyard.

The Best Materials - The Best Designs

Triumph Play Systems are made with only the best materials: Heavy Bolts, Large Beams, and Bolt-through Construction. The lumber is planed smooth and the edges are dressed with a 3/8-inch round-over. The heavy decks and reinforced under carriage give Triumph Play Sets unmatched strength and longevity. A Triumph Play System is more than just a swing set; it is an expression of detail-oriented design that becomes a part of the landscape.

Triumph Playsets Fit Your Children and Your Yard

After you choose the Triumph Swing Set that most closely meets your childrenís needs, you can Customize it. Triumph Play Systems offers dozens of different wooden playset options, many different swing options, and loads of different accessories, swing beam choices, slides, and different color packages. Donít see what you are looking for? Ask us. We can make custom options to suit your familyís needs.

Triumph is Family Owned and Operated

Triumph Play Systems was founded in Pennsylvania by Michael and Jaclyn Wooding in the Summer of 2003. In the Fall of 2012 they purchased an old New England brownstone mill property, complete with a creek running through it and space to grow, and spent the Winter months moving the business to Ashburnham, Massachusetts where it is today. Michael oversees the workshop, selecting and cutting lumber and supervising operations, while Jaclyn runs the office, designing and selling custom play systems. They both work very hard to make sure that your swing set is absolutely perfect.

Made in the USA From Domestically Grown White Cedar
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