Swing Set Guarantee

Limited Two-Year and Twenty-Year Warranties

We guarantee that your Triumph play system will be the only swing set you will need to buy for your Children. Northern White Cedar is the longest lasting natural wood used in swing set. It is naturally resistant to rot, termite damage and decay, assuring seasons of fun and play. Triumph Play Systems, Inc. will warranty all tarps, slides, swing hangers, swing belts, chains, metal brackets and accessories for a period of TWO YEARS from date of purchase by ORIGINAL PURCHASER against any defects in material or workmanship.

Triumph Play Systems, Inc. will also warranty all cedar components, bolts and screws for a period of no more than TWENTY YEARS from date of purchase by ORIGINAL PURCHASER against structural failure. Seasonal cracks, checks, graying, color distortion and knots are natural characteristics of all wood and are not covered under this warranty.

All warranty issues will be reviewed and decided upon, at our discretion, as to the proper course of action. Any third-part alterations or additions, negligence, vandalism or abuse, acts of God or improper use will void this warranty. All shipping costs and installation of replacement items are the responsibility of customer. Triumph Play Systems, Inc. works continuously to improve our swing set designs and reserves the right to change designs and/or components without notice.

This warranty is subject to proper installation and normal residential use. It is nontransferable and applies to ORIGINAL PURCHASER only. We are not responsible for accidents that occur during the use of our play systems; PLEASE SUPERVISE ALL PLAY ACTIVITY.