FAQ - Triumph Play Systems

Q. Does my Triumph Playset require Staining or Sealing?

A. This is the most asked question we get. The biggest advantage of a White Cedar playset is that it does not need a stain to protect it; the natural oils protect the cedar swing set from rot and insect damage. White Cedar playsets do take stains nicely, but just like other wooden playsets made from pine and redwood, once applied, it will require re-staining every two to three years. The other wonderful thing about Northern White Cedar is that rather than aging to a dark gray and splintering like pine or turning black like redwood and red cedar, Northern White Cedar ages to a silverish gray.

Q. Are there any weight limitations on a Triumph Swing Set?

A. NO. Triumph Play Systems uses large cedar beams, heavy cedar play decks, and bolt-through construction, making it one of the strongest Residential Playsets on the market.

Q. What safety features are included in a Triumph Playset?

A. Triumph playsets have no conflicting play areas, such as overhead ladders (monkey bars) within the swing positions. All playsets also include fastener-free play surfaces, recessed hardware with acorn caps, fifteen inches between swing positions, and angled flat-step ladder. And most importantly, there are NO CHEMICAL TREATMENTS used on a Triumph Cedar Playset.

Q. Can I customize my own set?

A. Triumph Play Systems Classic and Majestic collections can be customized just about any way you want, with 3 x 6 and 6 x 6 decks, each deck height can be at 5 feet or 6 feet off the ground. As well as the deck arrangements, you can add playset accessories and wooden swing set Add-ons. We can also make custom options, so if you don't see what you are looking for, we might be able to make it for you. You can purchase one of our standard cedar swing sets or use our standard playsets as a starting point for your own custom set. A Triumph Sales Representative will be happy to assist you with your custom cedar playset. The Festival and Courtyard Collection can not be customized or changed in any way.

Q. Can I add to my playset later?

A. What sets us apart from our competition is that all Triumph Classic or Majestic swing sets have an upgrade path. A Triumph playset is completely modular in design. You can start with a basic playset and add on as your kids grow, interests change, and abilities develop. Sorry the Festival and Courtyard Collection can not be added to later.

Q. What ages do your playsets accommodate?

A. All ages! A Toddler can easily navigate our Angled Flat-Step Ladder. Parents can easily and comfortably access the fort and slides, and even enjoy the swings!

Q. What preparation is needed before the play set is delivered?

A. Choose a location with a 6 foot perimeter around all sides of your playset. The Swing legs on our cedar playsets are adjustable for unlevel yards, but the fort area should be relatively level. We suggest you prepare the playset area with a resilient surface such as mulch.

Q. If we move can we take our Triumph Play Set with us?

A. Yes, Triumph Play Systems can be easily disassembled and moved.