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Festival Swing Sets

Festival cedar swing set with two play forts, bridge and play set ramp.

The Festival Collection combines popular wooden playground options into numerous configurations. Choose between 10 standard play set models.

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Classic Swing Sets

Classic backyard cedar swing set with monkey bars, firepole and climbing rope.

The Classic Collection features timeless straight lines and each play set is made to order in countless custom layouts. Choose between 22 customizable models.

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Majestic Swing Sets

Majestic outdoor swing set with large play fort, a tube slide and 3 swings.

The Majestic Collection features arched lines and curves and each set is made to order in many custom configurations. Choose between 27 customizable models.

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Courtyard Collection

Cedar play set with monkey bars and 3 swings.

The Courtyard Collection contains standalone outside wooden play equipment for kids, such as the children's picnic table, freestanding monkey bars and swings.

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Wooden Add-On Options

Wooden swing set options.

Wooden customization options for Classic and Majestic Swing Sets.

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Play Set telescope.

Fun plastic add-ons and swing set accessories.

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Swings & Slides

Play set swings and slides options.

Swing and slide options for your Triumph Play System.

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Triumph Play System's swing sets and outdoor play structures are made from real Northern White Cedar. Cedar is a great choice for swing sets due to its natural resistance to decay, rot, and insect damage. Our swing sets include a variety of features beyond just swings, slides and climbing walls. Playground features such as massive Tube Slides and Arched Bridges set Triumph Play Systems apart from other residential play sets. Triumph Play Systems offers a range of customization options, allowing you to design a playset that meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to add extra swings, a fire pole, or a second tower, you can create a playset that will keep your children entertained for years.