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Playset or swing set plastic play binoculars.

Ship's Wheel

playset or swing set plastic play ships wheel

Steering Wheel

Playset or swing set plastic steering wheel.


Playset or swing set plastic play telescope.


Playset or swing set plastic play periscope.


Plastic playset handles attacted to a cedar swing set.

Rubber Mat

playset or swing set rubber mat.

Unavailable for shipping

Plastic outdoor play set accessories offer durability, easy maintenance, and vibrant colors that can enhance the play experience. Play set accessories like telescopes, steering wheels and binoculars can be added to the play set, providing kids with sensory and imaginary play opportunities. Plastic safety accessories like grab handles can be added to the swing set to enhance safety and stability. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide additional support for kids while playing. Also consider the size, layout, and theme of your play area to ensure that the accessories complement the overall design and provide engaging play experiences. By integrating these elements, you can create a backyard playground that not only provides endless hours of fun and entertainment, but also enhances the beauty and charm of your outdoor space.

Girl with heart glasses playing.