Summer Sale!

For anyone looking to add lots of activities in a limited space, the Dunmore Climber with Options is the set for you. This swing set features a wood roof, rock wall, rope ladder, two swings, wave slide, and monkey bars. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Price does not include assembly. Reg. $3,924.00 Sale $3,532.00


  • 100% Natural Northern White Cedar
  • Play Deck Size: 37" x 70"
  • Play Deck Head Room: 83"
  • Play Deck Height: 60"
  • Swing Beam Height: 93"
  • Two Position Swing Beam
  • Under Carriage: 4" x 4"
  • 33" High Spindle Walls


  • 10 Foot Wave Slide
  • Two Belt Swings with Vinyl Dipped Chains
  • Flat Step Angled Ladder
  • 3' x 6' Sandbox
  • Adjustable Swing Legs - For Unlevel Yards
  • Rope Ladder
  • Rock Wall Ladder
  • Wood Roof
  • Monkey Bars

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