Summer Sale!

Fantasy and adventure are not in small supply with this charming treehouse designed for narrow yards. The Nottingham Space Saver has everything your lords and ladies need for the ultimate getaway. Add a lower clubhouse for extra space to explore. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Price does not include assembly. Reg. $8,102.00 Sale $7,292.00


  • 100% Natural Northern White Cedar
  • Play Deck Size: 70" x 104"
  • Play Deck Head Room: 80"
  • Play Deck Height: 60"
  • Swing Beam Height: 93"
  • Space Saver Swing Beam
  • Under Carriage: 4" x 4" Wrap Around


  • 10 Foot Scoop Slide
  • Belt Swing with Vinyl Dipped Chains
  • Trapeze with Handles and Vinyl Dipped Chains
  • 360º Tire Swing with Vinyl Dipped Chains
  • Flat Step Angled Ladder
  • Wood Roof
  • Treehouse Door
  • Treehouse Porch with Wood Roof
  • Arched Window Treehouse Walls
  • 6' x 6' Sandbox

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