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    • Summary

      A perfect get-away for your children to play the Summer away. This marvelous set features a large play deck, a rock wall, a rope ladder, a 360-degree tire swing, two belt swings, a trapeze swing, and a 10-foot wave slide.


    • 100% Natural Northern White Cedar
    • Play Deck Size: 70" x 70"
    • Play Deck Head Room: 83"
    • Play Deck Height: 60"
    • (72" with Boost Package Upgrade)
    • Swing Beam Height: 93"
    • (105" with Boost Package Upgrade)
    • Three Position Swing Beam
    • Under Carriage: 4" x 4" Wrap Around
    • 33" High Spindle Walls


    • 10 Foot Wave Slide
    • (12 Foot Scoop Slide with Boost Package Upgrade)
    • Two Belt Swings with Vinyl Dipped Chains
    • Trapeze with Handles and Vinyl Dipped Chains
    • 360 Tire Swing with Vinyl Dipped Chains
    • (Not Included with Boost Package Upgrade)
    • Flat Step Angled Ladder
    • 18 oz Heavy Vinyl Polyester Canopy
    • 6' x 6' Sandbox
    • Adjustable Swing Legs - For Unlevel Yards
    • Rock Wall Ladder
    • Rope Ladder

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